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A proud French Acadian raised in Memramcook, New Brunswick, Dolores Breau is largely known for her black and white archival collection, “Portraits of a People,” which has also been made into a book. She has published photography for a variety of books, catalogues and publications.

This Master Photographer has more than 40 years experience and 50 photographic exhibitions under her belt. Dolores Breau has a unique style, backed by elegant and high caliber photography.

She has now diversified her portfolio and is studying an assortment of different media. She has found a real talent in print making.

"Portraits d'un Peuple"

Dolores Breau apporte une contribution unique à la photographie Acadienne et Canadienne. Non seulement elle renvoie aux Acadiens de Memramcook et de l'Acadie tout entière une image d'eux mêmes, mais surtout elle les amène à être l'objet même de ca création, à participer à l'édification de la photographie comme art de création.

Portraits of a People

Dolores Breau’s photographs serve to remind us that in our increasingly complex world of the late twentieth century, there are still communities of men and women whose lives are profoundly rooted in the traditions of family, church, music, and land and yet at the same time completely part of the modern age. Acadians have mastered the arts of preserving, transforming and adapting, and consequently, are very much citizens of our time.


Dolores Breau’s work was the first work by an Acadian photographer to be acquired by the National Archives of Canada

-Edward Tompkins

National Archives of Canada

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