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My  paintings  inhabit the space where  consciousness  descends  into  dream;  where  pattern  and  colour  expand  to become an  immersive  sensory  experience.  In  this  cerebral space, the synthetic fuses with the organic,  and images dissolve  into an amorphous arrangement of marks. I  seek  to  examine  this  dream-like  suppression  of recognizable imagery and capture the visceral sensation that bubbles up from underneath.  By combining the graphic edge of mark making with the sublime nature of  the colourfield,  I  aim  to  create  a  surface   that   is  both  gently  dissonant  and hyperactive.  Multiple layers  of  tension - between  conscious  and  subconscious, pattern  and  color, flat surface and illusory depth – propel my desire to  use  visual  cues as  a  means of stimulating  metaphysical sensation

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